Los Angeles Wedding DJ Prices

Los Angeles Wedding DJ Prices

Our calendar is currently filled with meetings for the upcoming Los Angeles Wedding season. In this blog we wanted to discuss some of the elements that will affect your Los Angeles Wedding DJ prices.

There are four areas affect the price of your Los Angeles Wedding:

1) Season of your wedding – A January wedding is typically cheaper than a wedding in July. Los Angeles Wedding DJs are less likely to give discounts for a wedding that takes place in the middle of wedding season due to the huge demand.

2) Number of Set-Ups – A good Los Angeles Wedding DJ will want to create a timeline and flow that will allow for a seamless event. This can only be accomplished by having a separate set-up for each portion of the day (ceremony, cocktails and reception). You never want your guests to see a DJ race by with a speaker to set up in another area. We always have music playing to greet the guests as they transition to the next area.

3) Number of Hours – A typical Los Angeles Wedding DJ package starts at four hours. Add one hour for cocktails and one for the ceremony if needed.

4) Number of elements desired – There are many factors that go into planning a wedding. Most brides want the “Wow” factor from the ceremony all of the way through the reception. This can be accomplished by adding elegant elements such as Up-lighting and a Gobo/Monogram. You may also consider dance floor lighting and audio visual. Each element serves a purpose and depending on your budget, can really make your wedding memorable.

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Our typical price range is $1000-$5000. If you have any question on Los Angeles Wedding Prices contact:

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