Palos Verdes Country Club Wedding DJ Lighting

Palos Verdes Country Club Wedding DJ Lighting pros – Angel City DJs – had another fantastic event! The weather was spectacular, the newlyweds looked stunning and we created an elegant and fun wedding for all 150 guests. The bride and groom chose amber tones for the up lighting to compliment their colors and enhance the room. They also added dance floor lighting to their package which was a huge hit when their guests stormed onto the dance floor. The music for dinner was a nice blend of standards from the rat pack era. The dance music was a perfect mix of today’s top hits from artists such as Robin Thicke, Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake and Bruno Mars with some 80’s and disco peppered in. The event went until 11pm and could have probably went until 12 if they would have let us stay longer. 🙂 What a fun couple and great group of family and friends. If you are looking to book a Los Angeles Wedding DJ Lighting package in the next year, please contact the top Wedding DJ and Lighting company in Southern California

Palos Verdes Country Club Wedding DJ Lighting - Angel City DJs

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