Los Angeles Wedding DJ

LA Wedding DJ

In addition to providing the top Wedding DJs in Los Angeles, we also offer a full range of lighting and audio/visual solutions.


Many of our clients hire us to provide inspired ambient lighting solutions to help enhance the atmosphere of their venue in a very elegant way. We focus on subtlety and complimenting the room. We use LED up-lights, which do not heat up, pose a fire risk, or consume a significant amount of power. And we’re sure to always pay close attention to detail, safety, and artistic presentation.

Wedding DJs Los Angeles Lighting

Gobo Lighting

Add a personal touch by projecting a custom monogram on any dance floor or wall.

Los Angeles Wedding DJ Lighting

Los Angeles Wedding DJ Gobo

Dance Floor Lighting

This element can be added to create a focal point as we transition out of dinner and begin the dancing portion of the evening. We have the ability to splash colors on the dance floor without overpowering the ambiance of the room.

Wedding DJs Los Angeles Dance Floor Lighting


In addition to video projection, we can also project photos, slideshows and Powerpoint presentations. We use industrial grade video projectors and screens that allow for bright, crisp images.

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